Make a Webpage About Your Amusement Park

Step One – Make a List of Your Amusement Park’s Features

You should have at least two for each person. If you don’t have enough features, you can also have an overview paragraph or talk about the setting of your park. If you haven’t already, create a name for your amusement park.

Step Two – Assign and Have Group Members Write about Features

Assign the features to your group members – again, each person should write about two of the features. Each feature should be at least a full paragraph in length.

Step Three – Create a Shared Google Drive Folder and Have Each Member Type In Their Writing in a Google Doc

Since Google Sites (and all website creation websites I’m aware of) will let only one person edit the content at a time, you’ll need to enter your text on a collaborative Google Doc.

Here’s how to set that up:

Step Four –¬†Work Together to Edit Your Document

All group member should work together to make additions, improvements and any necessary corrects to the information about your amusement park.

Step Five – Take the Minecraft Pictures

If you’ve forgotten how to take pictures within Minecraft, refer to Step One of the Make a Hotel Advertisement project.

Step Six – Start Your Webpage

Here’s how to do it:


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