Learning SketchUp

Today you’re going to start learning how to use SketchUp by watching the first two tutorials. They were made a few years ago for a previous version, but they’re still a good introduction – in fact, they’re the same one you’ll currently see on the Sketchup site. BUT Sketchup does look a little different now when you start it up so I show you how to get Sketchup launched and going in this short introductory video.

Step One – SketchUp Basics and House #1

Today is going to be a very exciting day. You’re going to learn how to design a house – yes, you heard me right, a HOUSE! – using Sketchup. It’s going to be very basic, but it’ll get you started. If you follow the directions exactly, you’re going to make a rectangular shaped house with a roof, stairs, door, window and chimney.

Even more important, following the video below is going to give you the basics on the program so follow it closely. If it asks you to try something out, actually try it out. Trust me, SketchUp is the program that you’re going to have to play with and experiment with to get right.

Step Two – House #2

By following the video below, you’ll make an L shaped house and show evidence that you followed the measurements and used the offset and follow-me tool. Those are very tricky!

Step Three – House #3

The third assignment will be to design your own house. On this one, I want you to use your creativity to make it as special as possible. A lot of you are well on your way on this one. But I also want you to make the other two structures to make sure you understand how to use the guides, the most important tools and have precise measurements. Alright? Alright.

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