Create a Biome Presentation

Step One – Sign Up For a Lino Account

Watch the video for instructions on how to sign up for a lino account.

Step Two – Create a Group in Lino

After you know who’s in your group, have one of the group members create the group in Lino and add the other members. Name the group for the biome you’re researching.

Step Three – Do research on your biome and add the notes to Lino

Here’s some sites you can use:

Rainforest : BrainPopDucksters and UCSB
Savanna: BrainPopDucksters and UCSB
Desert: BrainPopDucksters and UCSB
Tundra: BrainPopDucksters and UCSB
Taiga: BrainPopDucksters and UCSB

Step Four – Write your script

Log on to My YISD and go to your Google Drive. Have one person start off the script and title it for your biome. Then invite the other group members. Work together to type out your script.

Step Five – Find Your Images

Get an iPad and find photos for your biome. Find pictures that will good for backgrounds and also find a picture of your main animal. Use sites that use Creative Commons or copyright free images such as:


Step Six – Record Your Puppet Pals Presentation

Step Seven – Publish

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