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Creating a Song with Loops

 Today you’re going to make a song in GarageBand using loops. In the tutorial below, I show you the steps in creating a songs. I want youopy my steps to create the same song I did. DON’T try to watch the whole video and then try to recreate my steps. Instead, watch a little bit of the video and then go and do what I showed you. Tomorrow you’ll be creating your own song.

Step One – Create the Rhythm Track

In this step, I use these loops:

Funk Era Beat, 1-31
A modified Early Day Synth Bass, 3 -13 and 21-33
Early Day Synth Bass, 13-21

Step Two – Add Guitars and Percussion

In this step, I use these loops:

House Fever Hot Guitar, 3 -13 and 21-33
Doctors Orders Guitar, 13-21
Shaker 05,  3 -13 and 21-33
Tambourine 07, 3-13, 21-33

Step Three – Add a Fade Out and Learn How to Export