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Make Video about Book of the Month

In this project, you’re going to learn how to make a different kind of video – and we’re going to make it about the Book of the Month. Follow the step below to find out how.

Step One

Watch the video for the Book of the Month

Step Two

Go to My Simple Show and follow directions in the video.

Step Three

After the video has been processed, download it from My Simple Show and then upload it into Seesaw

Make a Joke Comic

What you’re going to do is to turn a joke into a comic. Here’s an example:


Step One – Find a good joke

Here’s a couple of website to find a good clean joke:

(Yes, a lot of them are bad. Keep looking, you’ll find one. Plus you can adapt it to make funnier and more relevant like I did with the one above.)



Step Two – Make Your Comic

Go to the website Pixton to make your comic. Use the instructions from the video to create your character and add it to your comic.

Step Three – Download it and Add It to Seesaw

After you make your comic, you’ll need to submit and tell me so I can approve it. At that point, you’ll be able to download it and add it to Seesaw with the Upload a File option.


Color Poetry Video

Step One – Write a Color Poem

Look here to see directions on what a color poem is and some examples.

Then pick a color, open up Google Drive and start writing your poem. When you’re done, share it with three or four other people.

Read other people’s posts as they come in. Give other students a serious alternative either by giving them a new line or helping them improve one they have. Read the suggestions other students give you. You don’t have to use them, just consider them and reply respectfully.

Revise your poem as needed.

Step Two – Get Photos

Get an iPad and find photos that match your lines in the poem. Use sites that use Creative Commons or copyright free images such as:

Photos For Class

Step Three – Add text to your picture

Step Four – Record

Record your narration using 30hands.

Step Five – Publish

Upload your video to Seesaw