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Configure Your Computer

Part One – Take an account picture

The first task you need to do to complete the Configure Your Computer project is a fun one – you’re going to take the account picture you’ll see when you log-in to your computer.

Part Two – Customize the Dock

The Dock is the easiest way to launch the applications and documents you’re working on. Where’s going to customize it so it’ll have the ones you’re working to be working with the most.

Watch the video to find out how:

Part Three – Personalize Your Browser Bookmarks

The application you’re going to use the most is Safari, a web browser, which we’re going to use to access web sites on the internet. Today we’re going to bookmark the sites you’re going to go to the most, so you can get to them faster.

You’re going to need bookmarks for these four sites:
Media Class homepage
Edgemere Elementary homepage
Computer Lab
Your Kidblog