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Write a News Article About a Teacher

For this project you’re going to write a news article about the new Chinese teacher, Ms. Hsu.

What’s happened already is that I took the best of the questions the sixth grade media students suggested and typed them up.


With that completed, I eliminated a repeated question and started to organize the rest. To me, I thought the questions could be categorized into three categories:

  • questions about her background
  • questions about China and the culture
  • questions about teaching Chinese to students

Here are the questions I wrote down to ask:

  • What did you do before you came to Edgemere?
  • When you were little, did you always want to be a teacher? If so, why did you choose to teach kids Chinese?
  • What is your favorite thing about teaching?
  • Did you come from China?
  • Where was the last job you worked at and what did you do?
  • How did you find out about this teaching opportunity and why did you decide to apply?
  • How many languages do you speak?
  • What is it about your job that you absolutely love and why?
  • Can you teach every student Chinese?
  • Do you think that teaching students Chinese is difficult?
  • What do the students do in your class to learn?
  • Do you think all your students will like your class? Why or why not?
  • How do you think the Chinese language/culture will help them in the future?
  • How have your students grown since the first day? Have they grasped the concept yet?
  • How do you read the Chinese symbols?
  • Did you have fun exploring and learning the Chinese language? Explain.

Here is the interview:

Part One – Create Lino Acount

The first thing you’re going to have to do is create an account in Lino.

Part Two – Start a Group

Then decide who you’re going to work with. Either you or your partner will need to form a group in Lino and have the other join.

Part Three – Take notes

With your partner, take notes on the information you find out from the interview.

Part Four – Organize

Organize the information

Part Five – Write

Write the information in a story, making it as interesting as you can.