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Create a Unique Drum Track for a Song

We’re already learned how to create a song with loops, but there wasn’t much we could do to customize the loops that were there – we had to use them as is or search for another one we liked better.

But there’s option within GarageBand called Drummer, where you can customize the sound of your drum track a great deal. Learn how to use Drummer by watching the video below and then use it to create a new song.

The Week Before Winter Break Projects

Assuming you’re done with all of your regular assignments, you now have your choice of working on one of the following projects.

Choice A: Make a Christmas or Winter Card

Choice B: Make a Slideshow about Reading Under the Stars

Here’s the pictures. Here’s the directions. Go to it.

Choice C: Make a Recording of Jingle Bells

When we made our GarageBand song, I showed you how to use loops. But you can also play a song if you know the notes. Watch the video to learn how.

Here are the keyboard notes to “Jingle Bells.” Practice them until you’re good and then record them.


Choice D: Start the Coding Course

Code.org has several courses for elementary students to teach them how to code. I’m going to be going through the more advanced courses to see if they’re worthwhile over the winter break, but the first course is fun and teaches you beginning concepts. Follow the directions in the video to get an account and get started.

Fifth grade students use this link.

Sixth grade students use this link.

Creating a Song with Loops

 Today you’re going to make a song in GarageBand using loops. In the tutorial below, I show you the steps in creating a songs. I want youopy my steps to create the same song I did. DON’T try to watch the whole video and then try to recreate my steps. Instead, watch a little bit of the video and then go and do what I showed you. Tomorrow you’ll be creating your own song.

Step One – Create the Rhythm Track

In this step, I use these loops:

Funk Era Beat, 1-31
A modified Early Day Synth Bass, 3 -13 and 21-33
Early Day Synth Bass, 13-21

Step Two – Add Guitars and Percussion

In this step, I use these loops:

House Fever Hot Guitar, 3 -13 and 21-33
Doctors Orders Guitar, 13-21
Shaker 05,  3 -13 and 21-33
Tambourine 07, 3-13, 21-33

Step Three – Add a Fade Out and Learn How to Export

Audio Editing

We all make mistakes, don’t we? It’s especially hard when you’re trying to record yourself, and you’re trying to do it perfectly, but you keep making little mistakes that ruin it.

The good news is you often don’t have to start all over again. You can  actually keep recording – just go back to the start of the section in which you make the mistake.

Today we’re going to practice that with this recording I made. Here’s the text I prepared:

Today we’re going to learn how to edit audio in Garageband. Isn’t it amazing to think you can cut, copy and paste a recording like you can words in a text editor? There are many applications can do this, but since Garageband comes free on  your computer, we’re going to use that. The good news is, if you learn how to do it in Garageband, I don’t think you’ll have too much trouble figuring out how to do it in those other applications.

Except when I recorded it, I made mistakes. A lot of them. Watch this video to learn how to edit the audio and take those mistakes out.

Here’s how to turn it in: