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Create a Math Problem Solving Video Tutorial

Step One – Practice the Skill You’re Going to Make a Tutorial Of

Go to Thinking Blocks and pick the area and skill you’re going to make a tutorial of. Solve the five problems in that area.

Step Two – Open Up Your Keynote and Write Two Problems of Your Own

Choose New Document, then the White theme.



Delete the top text box and use the bottom text box for writing your problem.


When you’re done writing your problem, left-align the text.



Add another slide by clicking the + (Add a slide) button in the toolbar in the top left.


Save your work.

Step Three – Export Your Slides as Images




Step Four – Transfer the Images to the iPad

Step Five – Record An EXPLANATION on How to Solve the Problems in Educreations

Step Six – Embed the Recording on Your Blog

Make a Screencast with Educreations

Educreations is a screencasting app. A screencast is a recording of something happening on a computer screen with voice narration. It was originally used to show people how to do things on the computer – the same way I’ve shown you how to do various things in the previous three projects – but then people started using the same technique to show people show to do other things.

The most famous of these is Salman Khan, a graduate of MIT and Harvard Business School, the creator of Khan Academy. Last year, the CBS news show 60 Minutes did a story on him:

Here’s an example of one of his videos:

Here’s another on prime and composite numbers:

Use these as a model to make your own.

How to Use Educreations

Here’s a demo on how to use the iPad app Educreations: