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How to Resubmit an Assignment in Edmodo

As students, I think we get in a bad habit of just handling things even though they have a lot of mistakes. In the real world, especially if you’re making media content for a company, that’s not good enough. In a position ┬álike that, you need to make things as perfect as possible.

That doesn’t mean you turn perfect all of a sudden. Everybody makes mistakes, even professionals. The difference is they work hard to fix their mistakes, even if it means re-doing it.

To encourage this, I don’t always grade things right away when you “hand something in” in media class. I will usually write a note and give you a little bit of time to fix your mistakes before I grade it. It’s great for you – you get a better grade and you hopefully learn to avoid making those same mistakes in the future.

Here’s how that works:

So be sure to check that progress tab and try to make things to be as good as you can make them.