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Make a Tutorial About Chrome

As you probably know, all students at Edgemere have a laptop they can use at school – and all students use the Chrome browser whether they’re using Chromebook or HP Streams. So it’s a good idea for them to know how to manage their bookmarks. I often see students struggling to get to the right webpage on their devices because they don’t have a bookmark or they can’t find it.


The Assignment

So you’re going to be the one to show them. You’re going to make a tutorial video about the Chrome browser.

Here are the things you need to include:

  • how to add a bookmark
  • how to delete a bookmark
  • how to move a bookmark
  • how to make a folder
  • how to move an existing bookmark to a folder


First place to go is this Google webpage about Managing Chrome Bookmarks.

The next is to watch this video:

If you want to add some special tips about Chrome you can watch this video:

How to Record the Video

For this project, I’m going to show you a new way to make a screencast using the Chrome extension Screencastify. This way, you make your video with the Mac use in the computer lab or you can use the device you use in your classroom.

Configure Chrome

It’s very useful to configure Google Chrome because it’s the easiest browser to log in to from any computer and have access to all your bookmarks and passwords. Today you’re going to learn how to sign in to Chrome yourself, start saving bookmarks, and then log out when it’s not safe to leave all your information on a particular computer.

Step One – Signing In

Step Two – Saving Bookmarks

Step Three – Taking a Screenshot to Hand In

Step Four – Disconnecting the Account