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Create an Animation about Weathering

Use the iPad app AbcYa Animate to create an animation about the three parts of weathering. Here is a video a sixth grade student made using Keynote showing the same processes:

Weathering: the breaking down and wearing away of rocks

Erosion: wind and water carrying away bits of rock

Deposition: material eroded by water, wind or ice are dropped in a new place

Watch this BrainPop video on Weathering and Erosion.

See if you can put all the stages of weathering into one animation.

If you forgot how to use AbcYa Animate, here is a demonstration video:

End of Year Projects

Here are four choices you can choose from to spend your last few days of media class this school year.

Make a Hovercraft

Use the Hovercraft app to make the vehicle that earns the most points – the one that can go the farthest without crashing.

Make a Scratch Project

Animate Me

Use the iPad app AbcYa Animate to create a story or show a process. You can animate a scene in a book you like, bring to life a scientific process (the food chain or a life cycle) or make your own story.

If you don’t know how to use the app, this video will show you how to get started:

Make an End-of-Year E-book

Get an iPad, open up the Book Creator app and write about some of your favorite people during this school year. You can include classmates, teachers and other staff members you want to remember. When you’ve finished writing the text, check with your teacher to find out the best time to get the pictures you need.

The following directions show you what to do if you want to put it on a tablet and read it as an ebook.