Minecraft Challenge: Build a Treehouse and a Corral

The Pledge

I will use my powers for good and not evil
I will use my abilities to build and not destroy
I promise to share when I can and not steal

The Treehouse Challenge

When you start the challenge, you’re going to be given an area for your group. Go down into that area to get started. You’ll be given a crafting table, a furnace and a storage chest with a few items in it to get you started.

Here’s is what you need to build:

1. A treehouse with an area of at least 25 blocks and includes

  • a ladder to get into the treehouse
  • at least one window
  • a door or trapdoor
  • torches

2. A corral with a perimeter of 24 blocks, that includes a gate

If your group correctly builds both of these, I will become your Minecraft genie and grant your group three wishes – up to 64 blocks of a particular item or two animals.

Here’s a short tour of the┬átreehouse and corral that I built:

If you’re new to Minecraft and need help getting started, this longer tutorial will help you:

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