Create an Avatar

Step One – Make a Map of the 13 Colonies

Yes, I know – it’s says we’re making our avatar. So why are we starting off by making a map of the 13 original colonies? Practice. Drawing your own avatar is difficult and, if you start with that, there’s a 95% you won’t like it. So we’re going to start with a couple of easier projects so you get used to the skills you’re going to need to tackle drawing yourself.

In this first step, you’re going to draw a map of the 13 colonies. That will get you started with the basic tools of the Adobe Draw app.


Step Two – Make a Drawing of an Actual Object

In the second project, you’re going to make a simple drawing of a real-life object. Before you do, watch this video by Tony Vincent as he draws a microphone. Even if you decide not to draw a microphone, he’ll show you some useful techniques such as how to pick the exact color you have in your photo.

Step Three – Draw the Avatar

Ok, I think you’re ready now. Good luck!

Fun the Hard Way