Make an Inspiration Quote Picture


You’ve seen them shared all over the place online – short, pithy quotes with a eye-catching picture behind it.

Since the next round of STAAR tests are going to be happening soon, I thought it would be a good idea if we could hang up some inspirational quotes around the building, telling our fellow Edgemere students not to give up, to keep trying, to give it their best.

Step One – Find a quote

Use one of the following Brainyquote webpages to find a suitable saying.  Some of them come with pictures, you’ll need to copy down the quote – you need to find your own picture.

Motivation Quotes
Positive Quotes
Education Quotes
Wisdom Quotes
Inspirational Quotes
Success Quotes

Step Two – Sign Up for Canva


Go to Click the Google option


Use your full yisd email address


Accept the linking of the two accounts.

 Step Three – Learn about Canva

To find out how Canva works, I want you to take the three beginner’s  tutorials.

Beginner’s Challenge

Essential Canva Tools

Less is More

Step Four – Make Your Picture Quote


Use the Poster template in Canva.

Use the design principals you learned about in the Less is More tutorial. You can use one of the pictures within Canva but it has to be a free one, as you’re going to publish it. You can also find images on Photos For Class to download and then upload to Canva. The last thing you can do is to take a picture around the school, but you have to know what you need a picture of.

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