Make a Science Song

Step One – Pick a Topic

Choose one of the following topics to make a song about:

  • renewable and/or non-renewable energy
  • erosion (weathering, deposition, erosion )
  • food chains
  • scientific tools
  • batteries/circuits
  • adaptions
  • types of energy
  • science safety rules
  • inherited traits/learned behavior
  • igneous, sedimentary rock
  • simple machines
  • moon phases
  • states of matter

Step Two – Do some research and make notes

Go to BrainPop or Encyclopedia Britannica and do some research on your topic. Make notes on facts you can include in your song.

Step Three – Write the lyrics to your song

Use your research to help you. It doesn’t have to rhyme but it’s probably better if it does. (You can use the RhymeZone website to help you.) It does need to have some rhythm. You want to have an important phrase that is repeated throughout the song.

Here’s the lyric I wrote for “The Inner Planets”


Notice is that it isn’t exactly that long. You’ll have a limited amount of time to get your whole song into. But still I got quite a bit of information into it.

Step Four – Record your song

Use the Songify app to record your song.

Step Five – Publish Your Song

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