Choice Project: Explain rocks

Now that you’re an experienced, wise sixth grade student, you’re smart enough to choose your own way project. You will need to make your project about rocks. Explain to a student about igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.

Your project should describe:

  • How each type of rock is made
  • Where each type of rock is made
  • What each type of rock tends to look like
  • An easy way to remember the difference between the three

You can pick one of these types of projects:

  • describe it with text, pictures and icons with Adobe Voice
  • make a digital puppet show about it in Puppet Pals
  • illustrate it and describe it with a paper slide video
  • make an e-book on the subject

Do do have a different idea? Describe it in detail in the comments in Google Classroom. If it sounds convincing to me, I might just let you do that. Key word: might.

Fun the Hard Way