Minecraft Instructor Video

Step One РDecide on a Project

Here are some projects¬†you can pick from –

Breed chickens
Breed cows
Breed pigs
Breed sheep
Decorate a house
Trade with villagers
Make a way to get down and up out of a canyon
How to fish
Find diamonds
Get a pet dog
Get a pet cat
Tame and travel with a horse
Make a cake
Make cookies
Make and use a bow and arrow
Make an elevator
Make a baseball field

Step Two – Plan Out Your Project

When you plan out your project, you’re going to write down your project, the items you need to start with, and then the step you’re going to follow to explain how to complete your project.

Here’s my plan for my How to Make a Wheat Farm.

Step Three – Set up the Recording

This video breaks this down into four steps:
Step One: Check the Microphone Settings (0:00)
Step Two: Start Minecraft (1:26)
Step Three: Start Quicktime Player (2:13)
Step Four: Start Recording (3:18)
Step Five: Save Recording (4:53)

Note to sixth grade students: This is the same video from last year’s treehouse project since the directions are the same.

Here’s how I started the Minecraft Instructor video:

Step Four – Edit the Recording

Step Five – Share the Video

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