Make An About Me Project with Scratch

Step One – List Your Ideas

You are going to be sharing this, so you want to be smart about what kind of information you’re going to use.

It’s ok to share things like:

  • hobbies and interests
  • teams you play on
  • what city you live in
  • what grade you’re in

You should not share:

  • your address
  • phone number

Here’s the model for what our project is going to look like, so as you’re making your list, think about what background will match your ideas.

Make a list in Google Classroom of the things you’re going to put.

Step Two – Sign Up for a Scratch Account

The last time I’ve tried it the Scratch app was a buggy mess, so we’re going to use the online version instead – which has been very good. However, we’ll need to create a user account.

(If you already have an account, let me know and we’ll have you use that. Otherwise follow these directions.)

1. Go to Scratch Website and then click Join Scratch.


2. Put in your MyYISD username and password, then click Next.


If you don’t know what it is or it doesn’t work, let me know.

3. Pick your birthday, gender and country and click Next.


4. Let me know and I’ll put in my MyYISD email address.


5. You’re done! Go to Step Three.


Step Three – Add a Character and Have It Say Your Five Sentences

We’re going to make our About Me project in an application called Scratch. If you haven’t heard of Scratch, it’s a versatile program you can use to create games, simulations and art, but we’re going to use it to tell a story.

Don’t think you have to watch the whole video all the way through. I recommend you watch a couple of minutes of the video, switch to your Scratch project and do what you can, and then go back to the video.

Here are the scripts I used.

This is the script for the main character (me):



Step Three – Add a Backdrop and Have It Change in Sync with What the Character Says

This is the script for the stage:



Step Four – Hand Your Project Into Classroom

Follow the directions in this video:



Here are some images you can use.











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