Make a Paper Slide Video about Integers

In this project, you’re going to teach other people about integers through a Paper Slide Video.

Step One – Collect Information About Integers

The first thing you’re going to do is write down what you know about integers so far. Use a word processor application such a Word or Pages.

Then start adding to your knowledge by looking at these sites:

Fact Monster
What is an Integer (PBS Math Club)
Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers (PBS Math Club)
Adding and Subtracting Integers (BrainPop)

Add to your notes.

Step Two – Decide What Each Person In Your Group is Going to Explain

Now you’re going to get into your group and decide what each person is going to talk about.

Here are some things each person in your group could talk about:

  • What are integers
  • The difference between positive and negative numbers
  • When negative numbers happen in real life
  • How to add integers
  • How to subtract integers
  • How to multiply integers
  • How to divide integers
  • Give an example

Step Three – Each Person Will Design Their Paper and Plan Out What They’re Going to Say

Each person is going to write or draw something on a piece of paper that goes with what they’re going to talk about it.

It could include:

  • a title
  • an illustration
  • an example
  • a number line

Step Four – Make Your Recording

Get one iPad for your group. Decide who’s going to be your main cameraperson. It has to be someone who can hold it straight for the whole video. That person will open up iMovie and start recording when the group is ready.

When the recording starts, the first person will drop their paper below the iPad and explain their part. Then the second person will drop their paper on top of the first one and explain their part. This will continue until each person has had their turn.

Step Five – Edit the Recording and Share It


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