Five Word Silhouettes

For this project, you’re going to create a silhouette image of yourself and then fill it with five adjectives that describe you.

Step One – Five Adjectives

You’re going to come up with five adjectives and then post it to Edmodo.

Step Two – Get a Picture


Get a picture taken of you in front of the blue butcher paper with the iPad. (The blue butcher paper will help you make a transparent background by making it easier to remove in step four.) Make sure you’re looking to the side. You can be doing something you like to do (throwing a football, power walking, dancing, laughing, etc).

Step Three – Transfer Picture to Computer

Step Four – Make the Background Transparent

Step Five Р Add a Background

Step Six РTransfer Picture Back to iPad

See directions in Step Three.

But this time in PhotoSync, you’re going touch Receive instead of Sent. On your computer, you’ll click Upload, just pick the Camera Roll and drag the picture from Keynote into the page.

Step Seven – Add words with WordFoto

Step Eight – Post the Picture in Seesaw

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