Create an Aurasma About A Favorite Book

Step One – Pick a Favorite Book and Write About It

The good news about this project is it has to be short. The bad news about this project is it has to be short. How can that be both good and bad? Well, very few people like a long writing assignment, so that’s the good part. But you’re going to need to fit in a lot in a very short time. That’s hard!

This is what you need to have in your post:

(1) the premise of the book
(2) why the book is special to you

Step Two – Record Your Favorite Book Video

You’ll need a partner to record you with the iPad. You’ll use the iMovie app to record each other. Practice holding the iPad still by propping your elbows against something. Get a copy of the book to hold while you’re recording your video. Edit the video when you’re done to remove any spaces at the beginning, end and any mistakes in the middle.

Step Three – Create your Aurasma

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